Saturday, April 30, 2005

A North Korean Nuclear Egg Laid

If there's one thing we have learned about Democrats, it's that there is seemingly no limit to degree of chutzpa they are capable of exhibiting.

"They couldn't do that when George Bush became president, and now they can," - Senator (D-NY) Hillary Clinton speaking to the New York Times about N. Korean nuclear weapons capabilities.

For Clinton to say this threat is one hatched under the Bush Administration conveniently ignores when the egg was laid.

In October, 1998 this column chronicled revelations about North Korea having embarked on a nuclear arms program - a program made possible by a deal the Clinton administration struck with North Korea to provide technology for a nuclear reactors on the promise that the technology would not be used for nuclear weapons production..

The deal represented a reversal of nine previous U.S. administration's policy towards North Korea. The Clinton administration committed to $6 billion dollars of foreign aid to North Korea, earmarking it as primarily for the construction of nuclear reactors. This deal made a hostile and belligerent nation the largest recipient of U.S. foreign aid in Asia . Rest here

You are the day watchman at a bank and you plant a bomb on a timer to go off at midnight. When it explodes, you turn around and blame the night watchman because it went off on his shift. If this women wasn't so scary she would be profoundly amusing.

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