Monday, April 11, 2005

Bolton Hearings Begin Today

I will be reporting periodically today on what will like produce a fair amount of juvenile behavior from the left including much ranting and numerous outragious quotes.

9:02 Biden: "neccessary war in Afghanistan and an optional war in Iraq". An optional war you voted to authorize Senator.

9:08 Babs "the bag lady"Boxer wearing a salmon suit, I think I'll throw up now.

9:30 Biden: Blah, blah blah blah droning on and on and on.

10:20 Allen: "We would never tolerate a program being run like Oil for Food in our own government so we should not tolerate or approve when the UN runs it like that." great line.

10:40 Kerry limps in and immediately accuses Bolton of lying about Cuba and potential WMD.

10:46 Kerry: Serious questions about Boltons committment to the United Nations. In it's present state, for once JK is correct.

10:50 Kerry: overall vitriolic but didn't lay a glove on him.

11:00 Coleman:"UN equating Zionism with racism and isn't it legitimate to look with disdain at such."

Bolton: "Was one of the biggest mistakes the UN ever made."

Coleman: "It is legitimate to criticize an organization that has certain countries on the Human Rights Commission."

11:10: Feingold insinuating the administartion has done nothing to improve situation in Darfur.

Bolton: Security council has been somewhat less then cooperative in that effort.

11:20 Bag Lady: "You have nothing but disdain for the United Nations." (playing tape of Bolton's comments) can't understand the tape, it illustrated absolutely nothing???

Boxer: Doing her best to cast Boltons comments as meaning the UN is worthless and should be dismantled. Bolton actually said the UN is over-inflated, bureaucratic and dysfunctional. (he's 100% correct)

Boxers feigned outrage is soooo superficial and transparent.

Osama Obama: "We were able to succeed during the Cuban missile crisis because of the stature of Adlai Stevenson." Oh yea, you bet.

Osama Obama, deer in headlights look, moderate questions, couple of Boltons answers were clearly over his head.


Back.... 1:10 Biden: begins filibustering again.

Biden: Attempting to hammer Bolton on the removal of "certain" intelligence analysts. Biden spoke for his entire time without letting Bolton adress his rant.

Chaffee: gives Bolton a minute to answer.

Bolton: Wants everything possible in front of the public inferring that the more that is known the more his actions will be understood. To Biden: "I never had anyone fired or disciplined, I only stated that I had lost trust in their analysis."...period.

1:50 Dodd: Minutia concerning the analysts, beating a dead horse."You became red faced and shook your finger at him"yadda yadda silliness.

Dodd: Mr Cohen said you wanted him removed.

Bolton: "I have never had anyone removed because I disagreed with his intelligence." he hee

2:10 Allen: The Democrats are off on a tangent (more like the elephants are stampeding and the Dims are stomping pi$$ ants.)

Allen: Do you think any of (this minutia the Dims are obscessing about, my language) will have any effect on you ability at the UN.

Bolton: NO (Duh....)

2:20 Kerry: For the second time today Kerry calls Bolton a liar. Then says "You are smarter than that" in Kerry's classic patronizing form"No wonder 52% of Americans couldn't stomach him.

Bolton: Told Kerry, just because he says it doesn't make it so....DING!

Kerry: "That's the biggest side step I've seen." In other words, I couldn't crack you. I could be wrong but I think Kerry just divulged the CIA officer's name, Fulton Armstrong which was up untill 10 seconds ago, classified.

2:35 Coleman: Cool, articulate, helping Bolton clarify his points....well done.

2:50 Bag lady thinks Bolton needs to apologize to Westland....puhleeeaze, what chutzpa, what arrogance, what a drama queen.

3:40 Biden absolutely beating the Westerman Smith/Armstrong analyst dead horse. They have nothing, but are milking this like a cash cow. It is utterly futile and totally inane.

Biden just spent a half hour asking the same questions he asked earlier in a slightly different way. A complete waste of time, effort and resources.

Biden also undermined his own premise. He asserts that Bolton had Smith "moved" demoted whatever you want to call it because he (Smith) disagreed with Boltons language in a speech to the Heritage foundation. Biden also contends that all in the INR concerned agreed with Smith. Well if that were the case, then why would Bolton be so irate with Smith when the entire INR felt as he (Smith) did. It further strengthens Boltons argument that the reason he was upset with Smith was due to disintegrity in proceedure NOT substance.

4:15 Dodd, baiting Bolton, attempting to get him to try and disprove a negative. Classic Dim crapweasel trick. Bolton aint buying it.

Bolton is exhibiting a tremendous amount of composure, he is calm collected and in control. The Democrats are vicious, snide, arrogant and accusatory, it's not playing well.

4:30 Osama Obama, the absolute best illustrator of the totally obvious of any person I have ever seen bar none.

4:45 Osama Obama: Osama Obama, great looks, terrific voice, smooth demeanor and mentally outclassed by all in the room including the pages.


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