Tuesday, April 26, 2005

New strategy details security handover in Iraq

This article from Janes Defence Weekly gives a pretty good indication of the military's planned exit timetabe in Iraq. Read the whole article, quite enlightening.

A long-awaited strategic guidance document was issued to US military commanders in Iraq earlier this month, outlining specific milestones in the handover of the security mission to Iraqi security forces.

The strategy states that the Iraqi Army, along with security forces from the Iraqi Ministry of Interior, are to assume the internal defence mission in Iraq by December this year.

Issued by the Commanding General Multi-National Force - Iraq US Army General George Casey, the strategic guidance presents an ambitious plan for recruiting, training and equipping Iraqi Army units to assume the internal defence mission that for the past two years has fallen on primarily US and UK units. It contains a three-phase timetable for training and preparing the Iraqi Army to assume the main effort in counter-insurgency operations.

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