Monday, January 26, 2009

Republicans criticize university head’s comments about parents

Mr. Rogers: The liberal guys that you undoubtedly elect every year tell us it's their responsibility. One must NEVER EVER forget that the government has vociferously, often intrusively demanded, assumed and insisted on control of the education of our youth. Why not start bitching at them first and foremost. That being said, parents who neither attempt to control their childrens education by actively participating in their school boards as well as significantly supplementing and enhancing their learning at home are not without culpability.
LAS VEGAS — Republicans have sharply criticized university system Chancellor Jim Rogers’ comments about parents in his State of the System address. Rogers, who has been fighting Republican Gov. Jim Gibbons’ proposed drastic budget cuts to higher education, took aim at an apathetic public in Friday’s speech.

“Your only relationship with the education system is to ship your unprepared kids to school, not with the expectation of success, but with the demand that an education system, inadequately funded, develop and/or repair children that you as a parent did not prepare for school or support while your children attended school,” Rogers said.

In a joint statement, Assemblyman Ed Goedhart, R-Amargosa Valley, and Nevada Republican Party Chair Sue Lowden said it’s unfair to blame parents for education failures.

“Jim Rogers owes every caring parent in the state a public apology,” they said. “For Chancellor Rogers to blame the failure of the government-run education system on parents is nothing short of outrageous.”
Update: Shameless Parental crowing alert. Michael (one of the twins) just received his STARZ reading evaluation and , although he is in 4th grade, is presently reading at High School sophomore level. Demanding he and his brother read at least 4 hours a week in addition to their normal load is part of the reason. He just finished his second "Harry Potter" book and last week started "Hunt for Red October". Not easy reading for a 4th grader.

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