Saturday, January 03, 2009

Missouri Moves to Make Secret Ballot Required by Law

Expect a lot more states to follow a similar path. They know the EFCA would be the economic kiss of death to their growing, but at the moment, struggling economy's. You won't see it from the already heavily unionized northern states (ie. Michigan) but they're already fiscally dead anyway.
The misnamed Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) will take away the secret ballot for potential union members and force them to openly declare their preferences for or against a union, causing that worker to be easily open to intimidation by union thugs. This is a law currently in the table in Congress, one that Barack Obama has pledged to push through regardless of how it eliminates one of the oldest democratic rights there is.

But, now Missouri is trying to head off the possible federal enactment of “card check” (the provision that eliminates the secret ballot) by legislating that a secret ballot is protected by state law.

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