Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Rank Self Promotion....Again

Out of the clear blue the former high school coach called me tonight and informed me that the twins (Michael & Nathan) made the travelling team in basketball!

This is a bit of a shocker as they are moderate in their abilities. He said that what they lack expertise, they made up for in heart and tanacity. This is quite a big deal as they have been selected to participate in an elite group of 10 out of the 100s of 4th graders who were eligible. Pardon my gushing but sometimes a Dad just has to.

My boys are limited by their genetics as to talent but their guts and determination are a function of environment. I would like to believe that I and my lovely wife have been at least a small part of that.

Straight A students and athletic overachievers... congratulations boys, you continue to exceed all Dad's expectations and he is prouder than he can ever properly express.

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