Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rep. Jim Moran's Confrontation With Capitol Police

Cynthia McKinney syndrome alive and well in DC.
After the inauguration ended, Rep. Jim Moran's wife tried to enter the Capitol building. It's standard operating procedure when the President is in transit, that the area be locked down. This wasn't an acceptable answer for refusing her entrance into the building, and she called her husband demanding that the Capitol police officer immediately talk to him. The officer calmly explained that he's not alllowed to, but rather the congressman could call the Seargent At Arms who could call his boss and then call him.

Soon Moran stormed out of the building and angrily confronted the police officer looking at his wife and shouting, "Is this the one?" He then got in the officer's face and insisted that he did not know the proper procedure. Moran's wife was then allowed in the building under her husband's congressional escort.

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