Monday, January 26, 2009

Blago: I Thought About Oprah For Senate Seat

The party of PC is becoming the party of "damn the qualifications, full speed ahead". Al Franken, Caroline Kennedy and almost Oprah Winfrey. Actually within the Democrat party, her nomination would have made the most sense. A minority women is always unfailingly preferable to any candidate regardless of qualification.
One of Oprah’s most famous moves was giving away a car to every member of the studio audience. With the Obama administration planning to dole out several thousand dollars in largesse for every American family, why not Winfrey for senator from Illinois? Whatever his motivation, Rod Blagojevich let it be known on GMA today that he had indeed considered Oprah for appointment to Barack Obama’s open Senate seat.

Diane Sawyer interviewed the Illinois governor, and to her credit held his feet fairly firmly to the fire. In contrast with Amy Robach’s relatively soft treatment in her NBC interview, Sawyer repeatedly cited some of the seamier excerpts from the infamous wiretape transcripts, e.g., “I’ve got this thing and it’s bleeping golden and, I’m just not giving it up for bleeping nothing.”

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