Saturday, January 03, 2009

Loss of confidence results in change of submarine command

Granted the Gaza "incursion" is headlining but as far as I'm concerned this is the story of the day. You have a CO of arguably the most powerfully destructive craft in the world an Ohio class FBMS being dismissed on his "first patrol". This has to be unprecedented. I don't know the real reason for his dismissal but one thing for sure, there's a big time story behind this action.
A loss of confidence has resulted in the temporary reassignment of a submarine's commanding officer at Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay, Navy officials announced in a written statement on Monday.

Although there were no major incidents reported after Capt. Charles Hill's first patrol as the commanding officer of the USS West Virginia, he was temporarily reassigned to the office of Submarine Squadron 20.

According to the written statement by the Submarine Group 10 public affairs office, Hill was relieved from his position as commanding officer due to a loss of confidence relating to the command environment aboard the USS West Virginia.

Hill took command of the USS West Virginia's Gold crew in July and completed his first patrol as the vessel's commanding officer, said Lt. Rebecca Rebarich.
A quart of strawberries? I doubt it. I'm going to pursue this my friends.

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