Friday, May 06, 2005

Fatah headed to victory

Probably the lesser of the two evils considering Hamas is nothing more than a terrorist organization wrapped up to appear as a legitimate political organization.

Fatah headed to victory Friday in Palestinian local elections despite key gains by Hamas, with final unofficial results showing Fatah with 56 percent compared to 33 percent for Hamas.

The corruption-tainted Fatah had feared defeat in Thursday's elections in 84 communities, but the results indicated it was fending off a strong challenge by Hamas, the largest opposition group. Hamas, in turn, established itself as a major political player, and won the three biggest races - in the towns of Kalkilya, Rafah and Beit Lahiya.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has been seeking to persuade Hamas to give up violence and join politics, but Israel insists the group must be crushed.

Fatah has terrorist elements as well but their main claim to fame is rampant corruption throughout it's ranks.

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