Friday, January 21, 2011

Texting fountain lady's problems bigger than YouTube fame

Appears this dirtbag already had an attorney on retainer.
As Stacy Stutz, some lady I know from Facebook, just said: "It's all fun and games until it goes viral on YouTube" ... and you cry about it on TV and hint at launching a lawsuit, and the Streisand effect kicks in.

"In the hours that followed Cathy Cruz Marrero's appearance on 'Good Morning America' today to talk about the fall and its aftermath, she was in court for a status hearing on charges of five felony counts, including theft by deception and receiving stolen property," reports ABC News.

Turns out Marrero's been out on $7,500 bail since 2009, after being charged with running up more than $5,000 in purchases on a co-worker's credit card. No wonder she had a lawyer handy.

Marrero's next court date is April 21, and she's facing about six months of house arrest and electronic monitoring, according to the Reading Eagle. So all y'all talking about how if she just shut up and went on with her life, nobody would know it was her in the fountain —maybe six people recognized her — are more right than you realized. While it's unknown how many people knew about her theft charges, we all sure know about it now.

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