Sunday, January 09, 2011

The Final Word on the Gifford's Shooting Blame Game

How pathetic that the left as a matter of genetic prediposition must blame someone for the bad things that happen to themselves individually or their collective movement. The left has always had a problem with the acceptance of personal responsiblity and it has never been more evident than after yesterday's massacre.

The blood had not dried from the horrific shootings in Tuscon before the like of Paul Krugman, dKos, Rep Linda Lopez, and a host of others including Fox began to subtly and not so subtly brand the shooter as a right wing tea partier or at least motivated by said. Absolutely no evidence of that existed or yet exists, but damn the facts, full speed ahead. As Rahm Emanuel so succinctly stated, "never let a good crisis go to waste", they didn't.

While most on the right prayed for Gabrielle Giffords and all the victims and families, the Turkey Vultures on the left were busy scavenging the dead and critically injured on CNN, MSNBC, and anywhere else someone would give them a forum to spew their poisonous venom. It became evident early on that the victims were far less important to the left than using them for cannon fodder to attack the right and particularly the Tea Party. Shameless partisan politics at it's worst, it's beyond shameless.

The bottom line is that the shooter Jared Loughner was one very screwed up individual. A Nihilist, his leanings actually appear to be somewhat leftist but his writings and rantings are so totally confused and disjointed that we may never know where his political allegiance really lies. Suffice it to say that any conjecture on his motivations is so highly speculative that it is far beyond the pervue of anyone to comment intelligently on that subject. And untill the facts are known, it's just the worst kind of agitprop.

I just hope the majority of Americans are astute enough to see it for what it is.

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