Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Steele: “I Know How Caesar Felt”

Oh good grief. Steele brought himself down with his innumerable gaffes and RINO panderings, he has only himself to blame.
This past weekend, RNC Chairman Michael Steele lost his bid for reelection. Sitting down with FrumForum as he ponders his next move, perhaps the thing that gets the garrulous Steele most quiet is a mention of his successor, Wisconsin State Republican Chair Reince Priebus.

He had a good laugh about his portrayal on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart – as a blue Sesame Street character with a penchant for ending words with ‘-izzles’ and ‘-ibbles’.

“Jon Stewart. I have not done his show, but I’d love to do his show at some point,” the former RNC chair says. Guffawing, he tells me he has never uttered the word ‘O-bibble-care’.

But things get serious real quick when he’s asked about Reince Priebus. Steele had appointed Priebus to a coveted job on the RNC: general counsel. Priebus later turned his back on Steele when he decided to make his own bid for the Chairmanship.

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