Monday, January 24, 2011

No Birth Certificate but He’s told it’s written down on a Posted Note

Most of you regular readers know that I am anything but a "birther" but I'll say this, the more that I know the more I'm beghinning to question Obama's birth status.
After his flamboyant claim of being only man in America to look his fellow countrymen in the eye and state factually that Barry Hussein Soetoro was indeed born in the U.S.A. the Governor of Hawaii has investigated the president’s birth certificate only to find that what he thought was real is a thing of hearsay and political legend.

Nevertheless, he is told the fact that the president was born was actually written down somewhere deep within the recesses of the Hawaiian archives. His investigation at least uncovered that much. Something is written down? And it actually exists in the archives written down somewhere? Okay governor then show us that!

Rush Limbaugh weighed in on this incredible story of national political subterfuge and obscured political sedition on last Friday. A story ignored by the Diane Sawyer—Katie Couric Media except to mischaracterize patriots and constitutionalists by the Leftwing pejorative, “birthers.”

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