Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Liberals Can't Fight The "Magic Powers" Of Evil Talk Radio!

This article nails it, worth a read.
After 72 hours of nonstop liberal “analysis” in the wake of the Arizona shooting, I’ve finally figured out what we have to do:

Shut down all the Targets.

Yes, really.

A chain of superstores whose logo is right off a firing range - are you crazy? If a single set of crosshairs on a single Sarah Palin Web site can get 19 people shot or killed, having hundreds of storefronts advertising target practice is inviting a nationwide massacre!

Why even the name “Target” itself is dangerous. Never mind that you really just wanted to take advantage of their special on Tide.

And henceforth the mere utterance of the phrase “We’re targeting Democrats for defeat” by a Tea Partier can cause people to grab their guns and start blasting.

And after we replace all the Targets with “Disarm-Marts,” we’ll have to do something about “steak bombs” - which, come to think of it, do stage a direct assault on your arteries - and then let’s tackle “attack ads.”

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