Tuesday, January 04, 2011

House Vote To Repeal ObamaCare Set for January 12

This is all for show, the way to kill Obamacare is by defunding in peices
The House Rules Committee is set to meet on Thursday, to begin a process that will culminate in a vote to repeal ObamaCare on January 12th.

Senate Democrats saw the Republicans pouring on canvas and loading their guns, so they decided to fire a warning shot across their bow. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and four members ofhis caucus produced a letter warning House Speaker John Boehner they would block any effort to repeal the legislation. This is not unexpected, but if Reid manages to keep ObamaCare’s tentacles wrapped around America’s throat until 2012, copies of that letter will start turning up in Republican campaign ads. Voters compelled to choose between keeping ObamaCare or purging Democrats from the Senate might not find that a difficult choice.

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