Sunday, January 26, 2014

U.S. Braces for Coldest Month of the Century

If Global Warming gets any worse we’re all going to freeze to death.

America is set for the coldest month of the century as weather forecasters predict yet another freezing blast of Arctic air - putting Super Bowl Sunday in jeopardy.

Teams have been warned to stay on high alert for changes to the scheduling of the first Super Bowl to be played in an open-air stadium. Temperatures have already hit record lows, at times making parts of the U.S. colder than the North Pole, and are expected to plunge in the coming days.

Meteorologists are forecasting yet another snow storm for the East Coast, which will arrive on Monday First Super Bowl to be held in open-air stadium set to be hit by freezing cold.

Teams on high alert game in New Jersey on February 2 could be postponed.

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