Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Obamacare meltdown on schedule: Only a quarter of Obamacare enrollees are 18-34

No wonder they wrote in a "bailout provison".

According to figures released by HHS, only one quarter of the 2 million Obamacare enrollees who signed up through December are young adults - 18-34. On the other side of the coin, fully one half are 45-64.

The White House says that 25% enrollment of young invincible is enough to prevent the dreaded "death spiral" for the program, where older, sicker enrollees far outnumber the younger healthy ones, thus leading to skyrocketing insurace premiums.

But there are no figures available that show how many enrollees have actually paid their first month's premium, nor is there any breakdown of how many in the 18-34 age group are healthy and how many are sick.

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