Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wachovia Bank: No Christmas Trees

Wachovia Bank won't be putting up Christmas trees in their banks this Christmas. FOX 35 news received a call from someone upset after hearing about this policy and we went to check it out. Customer Wilhelmina Cox says, "To be honest with you, that kinda offends me. I might think about changing banks."

We asked Wachovia's corporate office for a statement on why no trees. They sent us this statement, "At Wachovia, we respect the diversity of our customers and team members therefore we are decorating our stores with poinsettia plants so that everyone can be included."

A corporate spokesperson told FOX35 News they don't put up Christmas trees so as not to offend their non-Christian customers.
You bet, offend 80% of your customers to not offend less than 10% of your customers. Now that's a sound business decision.

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