Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another Judge Seems Poised To Declare ObamaCare Mandate Unconstitutional

This is a big one folks
This has been a busy week when it comes to legal challenges to the national health care law. On Monday, U.S. District Court Judge Henry Hudson ruled that the law's requirement to purchase health insurance was unconstitional... And on Thursday, another district court judge, Roger Vinson, heard oral arguments in a separate case launched by Florida and 19 other states.

While a judge's posture in oral arguments isn't an ironclad indication of how he intends to vote, several news accounts of the hearing suggested Vinson -- a Reagan appointee -- was extremely skeptical of the administration's argument that the Commerce Clause gave the federal government the authority to regulate inactivity.

"It would be a giant leap for the Supreme Court to say that a decision to buy or not to buy is tantamount to activity," Vinson said, according to the Wall Street Journal. The judge noted that when he was in law school he was uninsured when his first son was born and paid out of pocket.
FWIW Judge Vinson is a Reagan appointee.

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