Thursday, November 06, 2008

Note To My Readers

Recently I have received some really threatening and confrontational E-mails from a few chicken sh!t anonymous individuals who choose to spew crazy rhetorical nonsense rather than discuss things rationally in the light of day. Well knock it off!

Even the people who disagree with me on this blog are generally respectful as I am of them even though I vehemently disagree with their opinions.

We are, thank the good Lord, lucky enough to be in a Representative Republic where our rights of free speech are guaranteed by the most sacred of all political documents, the Constitution. Hate and vitriol are the device of those who would choose to destroy rather than enhance our liberties.

Let us disagree passionately, but let us also always respect one anothers opinions and never cynically believe that our political advisaries, at least in out little family, wish anything but the best for this wonderful nation.

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