Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More Minnesota News

From Powerline:
The Coleman campaign has just issued the following press release that confirms the nightmare scenarios sketched out by John Fund in his Wall Street Journal column today:

ST. PAUL - Hours after the Franken campaign failed to convince the Minnesota State Canvassing Board to intervene on its behalf, Senate President Harry Reid (D-Nev) supported Franken's attorney's statement that they are prepared to take the Minnesota election to the U.S. Senate for a decision.

Later Wednesday afternoon, Reid opened the door for Senate intervention into the Minnesota election processing, saying: "Today's decision by the Minnesota Canvassing Board not to count certain absentee ballots is cause for great concern." Reid made the statement in a release from his official U.S. Senate office.

"This is a stunning admission by the Franken campaign that they are willing to take this process away from Minnesotans if they fail to win the recount."
First Prop 8 and now this. The left absolutely refuses to accept a legitimate loss let alone do it with grace. The entire party is becoming more Totalitarian by the day.

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