Monday, August 11, 2008

Threatening Bear

They want them back and it's becoming clearer on a daily basis that they're willing to do what's neccessary to get it done.

Russia Warns Baltics, Poland To Pay For Georgia Stance-Report
RIGA, Latvia (AFP)--Russia's ambassador to Latvia Monday warned the Baltic states and Poland that they would pay for their criticism of the Kremlin over the conflict in Georgia, the Baltic news agency BNS reported.

"One must not hurry on such serious issues, as serious mistakes can be made that have to be paid for a long time afterwards," Alexander Veshnyakov was quoted as saying by BNS.

Contacted by AFP, a spokesman for the Russian embassy in Riga confirmed the ambassador's comments but declined to elaborate.
Unfortunately for Russia, these folks [as opposed to us] remember. Anti Commie solidarity, you gotta love it: Poland: Presidents Of 5 Ex-Communist Countries Head To Georgia

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