Saturday, August 23, 2008

Once Biden Twice Shy

I just wanted to express a few thoughts on Obama's selection of Joe Biden for VP.

First I think this is a gift to McCain. Vice Presidents should ideally be the attack dogs of the campaign but they also need to be level headed and stable, Joe Biden is neither. Historically he has been a man that indiscriminantly shoots opinions from the hip with an almost reckless abandon for the facts. His irrepressible mouth is legendary and should provide any number of gems the Republicans can use against the Odd Couple....the empty suit and the stuffed shirt. It's narcissism aplenty and it's going to be fun to watch.

This man has proven himself to be a consistently weak presidential candidate. His best shot in 1988 was derailed with him being outed as a plagiarist, it's gone downhill ever since. He's become a caricature of himself, a vitriol machine for the left devoid of both creativity and rational. Expect all but the far left of the American electorate to get their fill of this pretentious pufferian in short order.

Probably the biggest threat that McCain could encounter would have been the Obama/Clinton ticket, a guaranteed winner. That is now off the table as a certain percentage of disgruntled Hillary supporters will not get on the reservation. How many will bolt is the big question now. One thing for sure, I know John McCain as are many of us breathing easier

Update: This poll from last month illustrates that Biden does Obama less then no good:


Likelihood to vote for Obama if he chooses Biden as VP?

Among democrats: more likely 6% less likely 22%

Among independents: more likely 11% less likely 13%

Among all: more likely 11% less likely 15%

Update: Memo to McCain: Palin or Romney, that is all.

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