Friday, August 29, 2008

DONE DEAL (Updated & Bumped)

photo via Jawa Breaking: Tim Pawlenty has stated that he got the call from McCain and that the VP choice is not him. Romney/Palin???!

UPDATEII: Romney out.

UPDATEIII:That's it, IT"S PALIN! GREAT FORM! I am working on confirmation from ny irrefutable source, will have confirmation within the hour.

UPDATEIV: MY high level source says it's SARAH!!!! This guy hasn't been wrong yet, I think it's OVAH

UPDATE V: Our source aka Harwood Garmegian says MCCain has pulled off the greatest head fake since the supposed invasion of Calais. It's Sarah Palin and "she will bring to the ticket the steadfast conservative ideals that made the Republican party win the hearts and minds of the American people in 00 and 04".

And if you don't believe me or HG... HERE

Opinipundit has one word and one word only to describe McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as Vice Presidentioal running mate....INSPIRED!

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