Friday, August 08, 2008

Edwards Payed Hush Money

Well, he isn't gay.

NATIONAL ENQUIRER investigation has uncovered John Edwards’ mistress, Rielle Hunter –the mother of his “love child” – has been secretly receiv­ing $15,000 a month as part of an elaborate cover-up orchestrated by the former presidential contender.

The money is being funneled to Hunter by a wealthy colleague who was closely tied to the Edwards’ campaign. This same man is also shoveling cash to Edwards’ pal and former aide Andrew Young – who tried to take the heat off the ex-Senator by claiming he is the father of Rielle’s baby.

And The ENQUIRER is also exclusively revealing that Rielle’s baby is a girl named Frances Quinn Hunter and was born at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.

UPDATE: Ok its out, the story is true and another major Democrat leader is an admitted liar, go figure.

This brings to mind a quote from Men in Black: [National Enquirer] "Best investigative reporting on the planet.."

In all seriousness, they're pretty quirky but the NE is an equal opportunity offender and when they break something, it's usually big.

John Edwards receives the Father of the Year Award in New York, N.Y. on June 7, 2007.

Kinda reminds one of the significance of the Nobel Prize nowadays doesn't it.[R]

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