Saturday, August 16, 2008

Obama Campaign Angry That McCain Won't Disavow [Corsi's] "The Obama Nation"

And why hasn't Obama "disavowed" the several anti-Bush and anti-McCain books presently out? What a silly lightweight panty waist this man truly is.

I apologize, but isn't there an whiff of arrogance in the air today. Yesterday the Obama Campaign attacked John McCain for refusing to discredit Jerome Corsi's best seller The Obama Nation . Apparently the Obama campaign has not figured out that John McCain, not Jerome Corsi, is his opponent.

In a statement issued by Obama spokesman Hari Sevugan, he stated, "While the smears piled up and the lies were exposed, John McCain spent six days in silence and on the seventh day said we should have a sense of humor. "John McCain's response to this discredited book speaks volumes -- he is a George Bush candidate running a Karl Rove campaign with a Dick Cheney sense of humor."

Corsi's book which currently sits atop the NY Times best seller list is likely to remain in that slot for at least the next two week after the Obama campaign waited nearly 2 weeks to acknowledge the book. There attacks which almost two weeks after the release have only proven to fuel "buzz" around the book and increase The Obama Nation sales.

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