Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Let PBS Go

"The public broadcasting service is collapsing of it's own weight. While PBS executives and Washington politicians wring their hands over the networks inevitable demise, we believe there is a simple solution. Let it collapse."(snip)

"In a world in which 85% of Amercicans pay for either cable or satellite television, and with educational videos available in shopping malls and Wallmarts nationwide, what possible justification can there be for a publicly subsidized television network."(snip)

"Simply put, PBS has no mission that cannot be realized either the in for- profit sector or by converting the network to a private non-profit foundation."

Not much to add to this, the article nails it. We could save a quarter of a billion taxpayer dollars per year. Let the voices of Bill Moyers, Terry Gross and Dianne Rehm see if they can draw an audience in the open market.


The Christopher said...

Can NPR go with it?

traderrob said...

All the same.....