Wednesday, May 14, 2014


This should remove Karl Roves self satysfied smirk.

With decisive primary victories by U.S. Senate candidate Ben Sasse in Nebraska and U.S. House candidate Alex Mooney in West Virginia, the establishment’s dream of electing more status quo-supporting candidates has been stopped after just one week. Sasse and Mooney, both fine conservative candidates, ran smart races and closed strong.

When Thom Tillis won the U.S. Senate primary in North Carolina last week (which took millions in establishment funds to make happen), D.C. elites, along with the mainstream media, were giddy as they wrote a seemingly never-ending stream of conservative candidate obituaries.

I was entertained by the tone of the pro-Tillis celebratory stories rolling off the establishment’s printing presses. It's as if the Washington establishment had done a good job of governing and had earned the victory. It's as if the elites are tackling our debt crisis, lowering taxes, securing our border, and actually repealing Obamacare.

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