Thursday, August 12, 2010

“Racist” Drug Sentences Relaxed

This should solidify the crackhead vote.
In an ongoing effort to end racial discrimination, President Obama has proudly signed a new law that for the first time in decades relaxes drug-crime sentences he claims discriminate against minority offenders.

The measure severely weakens a decades-old law enacted during the infamous crack cocaine epidemic that ravaged urban communities nationwide in the 1980s. It set a mandatory five-year sentence for trafficking offenses involving more than five grams of the drug. The new measure (Fair Sentencing Act) increases the amount of crack from five grams to 28 grams for a five-year sentence and eliminates mandatory prison for first-time offenders.

Congress’s rationale for reducing crack sentences is a simple one that is shared by the commander-in-chief; a disproportionate number of blacks are being punished. The legislative and executive branches claim that the sentencing discrepancy between crimes involving crack cocaine and powder cocaine created a huge racial disparity because most crack defendants are black and most powder cocaine defendants are Hispanic and white.
Then why not increase the penalities for "powder cocaine"?

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