Thursday, August 05, 2010

Breastfeeding adult men sparks holy war

The Islamic population in the Middle East has been caught up in a new war, but it is its own enemy in the fight over a "fatwa" that authorizes the breastfeeding of adult men.

Sorry folks but this is one sick freakin religion.
"The fatwa-issuing thugs give orders, pass judgment, and make decisions: love is forbidden; looking [at a man] is a sin; expressions of love are contemptible – [but] as for breastfeeding, that is permissible, permissible, permissible," wrote Nadine Al-Budair, a presenter for the U.S. Arabic-language television station Al-Hurra.

The dispute has been monitored by the Middle East Media Research Institute, which has compiled a history of it and added comments from contemporary Muslims interests.

The issue first arose in Egypt in May 2007 when a "fatwa" – an Islamic religious decree – was issued from "Izzat" Atiyya, who used to be chief of the Hadith Department at Al-Azhar University. Atiyya permitted a woman to breastfeed a man with whom she must work in private, which MEMRI reported led to Atiyya's dismissal from his school position.

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