Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kirk Phone Townhall

Just got off the phone with Mark Kirk, Republican candidate for US Senate in Illinois in a telephone townhall. I was not easy on him, he did OK, kind of.

1. How can a US Senator possibly effect the onerous taxes presently inflicted on the citizens of Illinois. (Blago crap and spin but basically nodda) Fair answer.

Ans. He really can't.

2.Is there anything you can do in Washington to moderate the present situation in Illinois to improve the business climate.

Ans. Support Bill Brady.

3. Illegal immigration , your stance?

Ans. Finish building fence, enforce existing laws. If we can't enforce existing laws, new laws are academic.

4. Abortion

Ans I support a womens right of choice.(OUCH)

My comment: But who stands up for the unborn's choice?

Ans: The Supreme court.

What separates you from Giannoulias?

Ans: Fiscal conservatism. Reduce taxes to stimulate the economy, especialy on small business.

5.Everything being equal, in your estimation, what percentage of the time would you vote with conservative Republicans.

Connection lost, damn.

Sorry folks, I'm no Kristin but did the best I could. I'll vote for him, not thrilled but there it is.

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