Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bush confidante Hughes calls on Ground Zero organizers to 'locate their mosque elsewhere'

Arguably Hughes not Rove was the real brains behind the Bush Presidency.
Karen Hughes, who for years was one of George W. Bush's closest advisers, is calling on the organizers of the Ground Zero mosque to "locate their mosque elsewhere." In an article for Sunday's Washington Post, Hughes writes:

A mosque at the edge of Ground Zero would be much more than a house of worship; it would be a symbol, interpreted differently by different audiences. For some it would be the ultimate expression of the freedom of religion we enjoy in America; for others, a searing reminder of terrible deaths at the hands of murderers calling themselves Muslims. I suspect that the terrorists themselves might celebrate its presence as a twisted victory over our society's freedoms. [Imam] Rauf and his congregation are certainly free to locate their mosque near Ground Zero. But I hope and pray that they will show uncommon courtesy and decide not to.

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