Friday, May 14, 2010

School Pulls Student's Painting of 'Communist Obama'

Hallsville, MO — Art teacher Brittany Williamson said her student simply wanted to “get a reaction” with his painting that depicted President Barack Obama with a hammer and sickle symbolizing communism.

“That’s the whole purpose of art — to get a reaction,” Williamson said. Although Williamson thought the Hallsville High School sophomore’s painting was “an amazing piece,” it received not-so-amazing critiques from some school staff and visitors who complained to Williamson and Superintendent John Robertson. The painting was taken down Monday after being displayed for nearly two weeks.

Robertson said the piece was removed because it could have been construed to reflect an official position of the school district.
Since when is a students free LEGAL expression deemed to express an official school position? I'll bet if the artwork had been politically correct and adoring of Obama the "district" would have been only to happy to display it with pride.

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