Thursday, May 06, 2010

Carbon Emissions Take Record Drop In The US

Greenies rejoice!
The US Energy Information Administration has just released its review of CO2 emissions in the US for 2009. This year’s report shows the largest ever absolute drop and percentage drop in CO2 emissions since the agency started keeping records in 1949. US CO2 emissions dropped by 405 million metric tons, or 7%, from 2008 to 2009. Total US CO2 emissions in 2009 are listed at 5.4 billion metric tons.

Since 2000, CO2 emissions have dropped by 445 million metric tons, and since 2007, the year with the highest emissions in the past decade, CO2 emissions have fallen by 585 million metric tons, almost 10%. There are two general reasons for the decline. One, fuel switching in electricity generation from coal to natural gas, and two, a recessionary economy where businesses use less energy and drivers log fewer miles.
Amazing what an ACTUAL unemployment rate of 17% can accomplish.

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