Wednesday, May 12, 2010

CBO: Health Care Bill Will Cost $115 Billion More Than Previously Assessed

The Democrats along with the co-dependent CBO did everything in their power to make sure the figure came in at less then 1 trillion prior to the health care vote; Remember?
The director of the Congressional Budget Office said Tuesday that the health care reform legislation would cost, over the next ten years, $115 billion more than previously thought, bringing the total cost to more than $1 trillion.

The revised figure is due to estimated costs to federal agencies to implement the new health care reform bill – such as administrative expenses for the Internal Revenue Services and the Department of Health and Human Services -- and the costs for a "variety of grant and other program spending for which specified funding levels for one or more years are provided in the act."

CBO had originally estimated that the health care reform bill would result in a net reduction in federal deficits of $143 billion from 2010-2019; this revised number would eliminate most of that savings.
Well guess what, THEY LIED and anyone with an ounce of sense knew beforehand that was the case.

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