Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Poll: Europeans prefer Obama over McCain

Taking anything from this is silly and useless. Countries and their populations have one thing paramount in their minds....what's best for THEIR country. What's best for Germany or Britain or France is not what's best for the United States. And isn't that after all why we elect our own President to look out for OUR interests.

Since Sen. Barack Obama traveled to Europe earlier this summer, advisers to Sen. John McCain's campaign have sought to raise questions about what it means for the United States to have a candidate for president who is treated as a celebrity abroad. A new poll sponsored by the German Marshall Fund that tests attitudes toward the two candidates is sure to add fuel to that fire. To the surprise of no one, Europeans are much more favorably inclined toward Obama than McCain. Nearly 7 in 10 Europeans felt favorably toward Obama, with his best reviews coming in France (85 percent)and Germany (83 percent).

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