Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Disingenuous Spin of the Week

The Press has come up with a ridiculous albeit interesting spin on the Sarah Palin nomination for Veep. Their ruthless and vile smearing of her family and her (as a parent) is really McCains fault because she wasn't properly vetted.
It's akin to a murderer blaming the police for not catching him sooner so he couldn't kill again. It's the most self deluding rationalization I've heard in a very long time and only a group with the monumental ego and unmitigated Chutzpa of the Press could possibly offer it up with a straight face.

The truth is that McCain properly vetted Palin and knew every detail of what is presently being vomited by much of the MSM. He deemed whatever "blemishes" revealed to be either inconsequential or baseless.

His only miscalculation may have been not to realize the depth of merciless partisanship and banality of the American Press.

Update: Appears that McCain has had enough.

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