Thursday, November 23, 2006

Program puts gifts under soldiers' family trees

FORT HUACHUCA — Soldiers are called upon to protect the country, and sometimes that means giving their lives.

But during the upcoming Christmas holiday, people are being asked to help soldiers’ families by giving to their children. About 400 children need presents, said Jo Moore, who heads the fort chaplains’ outreach ministries.

Holding up a three-ringed binder, Moore showed 3 inches of requests so far this year.

That does not include the needs of families who are scheduled to arrive on the fort before Christmas and stay in temporary quarters, Moore said.“I’ve gone down on Christmas Eve to deliver presents and a tree so a family will have something for their children,” she said.

Today, 264 soldiers and their families are enjoying a Thanksgiving meal because of special $50 certificates they received to purchase food, Moore said.

Many of the GIs are lower ranking enlisted men and women who have a number of children who have difficult times making ends meet on a soldier’s salary, Moore said.

If you wish to help, call or email Bill Hess, he can get you in touch with the Post Chaplain's Office, Jo Moore, Colleen Murray and Jim Callahan.

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