Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"Git with Mitt"

It's post midterms and it's time now to start evaluating the 08 Republican Presidential field.

Contrary to the toe suckers analysis there is indeed someone besides Rice that can beat Hillary but at this point only one other.

I like Rudy Giuliani , he has great name recognition, high favorables and he pretty decent on the campaign trail. He is however too liberal being pro-abortion, anti gun and considered by most to be both socially and fiscally moderate. The New York Press has a stack of files on him just waiting to be unleashed when the campaigns get hot and heavy. Should he survive that, many stalwart conservatives would find themseleves completely uninspired and probably withhold their vote.

McCain had his chance. Aside from the animus held by many conservatives for him because of the multiude of sins he has committed over the last decade, many of us feel the man may not be all that mentally stable. The love affair that he has with the MSM has begun to erode and within the year will be completely gone. With a fair chunk of his base estranged and no press to prop him up, the McCain candidacy is doomed to failure.

Rice says she won't run and she may mean it. She has a lot to offer but I just don't see this happening for a number of reasons. Shoe in for Veep if she wants it.

Others: Unfortunately Newt Gingerich is too conservative to get elected in the present climate, as are Huckabee, Brownback and Tancredo. Allen of course is history and Frist, forget about it.

Which leaves us with Opinipundits choice for the 2008 Republican headliner.......... Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney is conservative enough to inspire the base but not so much as to be unelectable. He is good looking, smooth, articulate, and a proven executive with an impressive track record.

Romney is way ahead of the pack having an established PAC as well as a formidable political apparatus already in place.

If a man as conservative as Romney can get elected in Massachussetts, he can get elected anywhere. Unless a real impressive "dark horse" emerges from the shadows, Mitt Romney is the Republicans single best hope to re-occupy the White House in 08, PERIOD!

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