Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Restoring Honor...A Deeply Personal Account From a Friend

I write to you today for if I don't a message could be lost. A message, a spirit, a feeling could just simply disappear to the mainstream media. A message of restoring your personal faith in your personal denomination, a spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ, and a feeling of closeness of American's.

When we booked our plane to head to Restoring Honor I was thrilled. When I arrived to DC and explored the sites and the wonderful buildings I still wasn't "feeling it". When I arrived at the Smithsonean I started to feel it. When I walked into the room and saw the actual flag that inspired "The Star Spangled Banner" the feeling of excitement began to build. Then to see the actual top hat Abraham Lincoln wore, wow! Then the solemness to see a twisted piece of metal from the world trade center brought tears to my eyes instantly. I think at that moment my 912 feelings came.

I was ready to head back to the memorial just in time to see Glenn arrive for an unannounced visit. A visit that brought tears to his eyes to see the crowds already gathering for his rally. After he spoke to the crowd my husband and I realized we must go back to our hotels, grab our things, find a store to get a chair or blanket, and head back to rest at the side of the Reflecting Pool for the night.

Our night was a peaceful, serence experience. When we arrived "Palin Man" graciously offered us space next to him, so kind. We all began calling each other not by name but by state. No one would ever go thirsty or hungry as everyone constantly offered someone something. While my husband and I didn't sleep along with some others, we were all respectfull of those who were. You could hear a pin drop at times. There were people in wheelchairs, elderly, children, babies, handicapped who all stayed the night.

As dawn approached we (IL), Oregon (who just arrived back from Iraq) & his wife, Salt Lake, and Long Island and his father-in-law forged forward as the crowd began to wake up and clear their spots on the ground. Long Island lost his leg in a motorcycle accident and stayed all night with his flag draped crutch and a blanket on the ground. We talked about how we hoped that this would change our country. Long Island pulled his Rosary out of his pocket and prayed. The men found a spot right up along the rail, thanks to gracious people, for the woman who spent the night in her wheelchair. A woman I have now seen many times in pictures. We were close very close not only to the stage, but each other.

As the rally neared the chanting of USA and singing began. But one thing never stopped was the kindess! Everyone constantly was offering a seat in their chair, water, or some food from their backpacks. During the rally I began to overheat and Oregan insisted I sit in his chair. We were taking care of each other.

The rally did not disappoint. Tears were a common thing especially from this sap. Alveda King spoke of her dream and still to this moment the hair on my arms stands. She was so moving, so powerful! Glenn spoke of tithing to your church and how it is his joy and honor to do so, being a good spouse and having a good one by your side, restoring yourself and hold true to your principles.

Many because of Glenn being a Morman have just completely lost the message. The message I took was go to your church, he didn't say go to his, tithe, pray, read your bible, give, and be a good person. If we want our country to change we have to not fear saying "God says you can't vote for a candidate who doesn't completely support the principles I have laid out in the bible". We have to stop voting with our pocketbook, instead with our morals. Then and only then will we have a revival in our country. If the men in power don't have values how can they honestly lead our country?

Your kids need to see you pray and be a good person so they in turn will be. So maybe they have a shot not only to be the next congressman, but to live a life to be proud of! We as a country have not given them the best model to look at. Their cartoons have cussing, they are envious and look up to a show called Teen Mom, their favorite actress or singer may have a drug or drinking problem and unfortunately those are the things they see over and over again and to them "that's ok". It's not! We have to follow what our founders insisted our public education system teach in this particular order, the order laid out in the bible...Religion, Morals, Knowledge.

When the rally ended the hundreds and thousands of us sang along to Amazing Grace to a bagpipe and to be a part of that is a memory that will never leave my mind. I watched Long Island fold his flag and tell Oregon, "you are my hero". Those are heroes we need to teach our kids about, ones who risk their lives so they can live in freedom! The revival spirit was everywhere in DC. My husband was handed a sandwich out of the blue, we all sat, talked and cried. That spirit was in the subway, the bus, the airport, the plane, and even when I arrived home. The spirit of graciousneess surrounded the grounds. We didn't leave trash and if the trashcan was full it was left neatly next to it wrapped up in a bag.

When I said I would write this article I didn't know what I would say, but like my old favorite hymn I listened to Jesus. He was softly and tenderly calling. He's calling for you and for me. Don't let this revival spirit perish. We need to Restore Honor to this country! We need to be proud of America again! Spread the message without fear!


KathB said...

Very nice.

anon said...

Captured my feelings from the rally perfectly.