Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Harry Reid says economy isn't his fault

Is there any doubt if the economy was cruising he'd be taking credit for it.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid insists that despite his powerful post he had "nothing to do" with the economic downturn.

Reid's home state of Nevada has been hit hard by falling home prices and foreclosures, but in an interview Tuesday on ABC's "Top Line" Reid said he's not to blame.

"You know that I had nothing to do with the massive foreclosures here," Reid said. "You know that I had nothing to do with these unemployment figures.

"In fact, I've worked hard to change them,” he added. "My job is to create jobs. My opponent says that is not her job to create jobs. And I think that is really wrong. I think it is my job to create jobs, and I've done my best. Is there more that needs to take place? Of course, there is."

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