Sunday, September 05, 2010

Prayer shushed on Supreme Court steps

From guest blogger Brandy:
After a group of students praying on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court building was confronted by police and told what they were doing was illegal, the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) sent a letter to officials of the high court.

Wickenburg Christian Academy teacher Maureen Rigo of Arizona had taken a group of students to tour the complex, and ADF attorney Nate Kellum tells OneNewsNow they had just completed a May 5 visit to the Supreme Court and were on the steps outside.

"They decided to mark the occasion [and] that they would pray. They just simply circled...bowed their heads and quietly prayed," Kellum reports. "And yet what happened is they were abruptly stopped [by] a police officer for the Supreme Court building who told them that what they were doing was violating a federal statute and said that they had to take their prayer elsewhere." According to an ADF press release, the prayer was stopped base on a statute that bars parades and processions on Supreme Court grounds -- even though Rigo was speaking in a conversational tone as she prayed and did not draw a crowd.
To Restore Honor to our country we must be honorable. When we are honorable and hold true to the principles of the Bible, then we surround ourselves with honorable people. An honorable person would never ask someone praying on the Supreme Court steps or in front of our Nation's Capital to stop as "it may be offensive". People of Honor are proud of our rich Christian heritage and will do what it takes to keep our traditions alive. Honorable people voted into office wouldn't forget those rich traditions when it's time to vote on a bill, in campaigning, or in their campaign contributions. Social issues would mean more to an honorable person than those associated with money. I try to be a person of Honor and I believe the majority of people in this country do as well.

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