Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Opposition grows to Stalin bust at D-Day Memorial

Opponents of the recently installed bust of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin at the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Va., are not backing down and have started a worldwide petition.

The petition, started last week, calls on the officers and board of directors at the National D-Day Memorial Foundation to remove the bust. It had received 616 confirmed signatures as of Monday afternoon, with confirmation pending on more than 200 other signatures.

The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, with assistance from the Joint Baltic American National Committee, intends to marshal public opinion against the board's decision, said Karl Altau, the committee's managing director. Mr. Altau said that while no goal has been specified, 10,000 signatures would be "terrific."
Pardon my ignorance, but did Josef Stalin have absolutely nothing to do with the D-Day invasion whatsoever? Yea, I thought so.

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