Monday, June 21, 2010

The Gang That Couldn't Protest Straight

Some 500 anti-Israel protestors arrived at the Oakland, California port early Sunday morning, hoping to block an Israeli ship from unloading its cargo. However, the ship did not arrive, and the crowd prevented workers from unloading a Chinese ship instead.

The protestors say they were protesting the recent Israel-Turkey flotilla incident, though they displayed great ignorance about what actually happened; one of them even compared barely armed Israeli Defense Forces troops with Somali pirates.


Anonymous said...

For those who wonder what "ANSWER" is, it is a Marxist sect with anti-Semitic overtones. Its initials stand for "Anti-Semitic, Neo-Stalinist Sectarians Waging Eradication of Reason (satire!)!" These moonbats are, as the blog indicates, as incompetent, as they are stupid! Now they have the Chinese pissed-off at them and cheering for Israel!

anon said...