Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Zimmerman Prosecution Clarified

There should be little doubt in the mind of any clear thinking person that the Zimmerman prosecution was entirely political in its origin and process.

Cut the the noise from the minority (black) community, its leaders, the media and the co-dependent left and we are left with one singular immutable fact......George Zimmerman was getting the crap kicked out of him by a younger, stronger, more  physically proficient young "man" and he reacted as any rational person would, he protected himself from serious bodily harm or even death with the only tool at his disposal.

It wouldn't have mattered if he had grabbed a rock or a lead pipe or a gun or a marshmellow to incapaciate his attacker, any and all actions were justifiable under the circumstances.

That's it, everything else is just noise. Was he following Martin? Doesn't matter. Did he strike the first blow? Doesn't matter. Was he profiling Martin because he was Black? Doesn't matter. Was he ordered not to follow Martin by a police officer? Doesn't matter. Was he a rascist? Doesn't matter. Even whether or not Martin was reaching for the gun doesn't matter. Now as a matter of fact almost all of these conjectures have been proven erroneous but bottom line, none of it matters as it pertains to the law. Zimmerman broke no laws before, during or after the incident. They couldn't legitimately indict him for spitting on the sidewalk.

The only thing that mattered was Martin was on top pounding George Zimmerman into the sidewalk  (even the prosecution conceded this fact toward the end) and any reasonable person would likely be in fear for life and limb. Stand your ground doesn't even apply. It's the time honored tradition in law that a person DOES have the right to defend themselves by any means neccessary if they reasonably feel in fear for their safety. Zimmerman surely did and the jury believed that was reasonable  belief on his part.  That's it, it's that simple.

I know when someone is killed or seriously injured people feel a need to assign blame and make someone pay. Three of the jurors initially felt that way until the other 3 clear thinking ones showed them the light. They all eventually scrutinized the facts and made a judgement with their brains and not their heart. It was definitively the correct one.

People can and should feel some sense of closure as the person who instigated then perpetuated the entire confrontation HAS paid.... with his life. It may not seem fair but life(and death) rarely are. All the breast beating and politically motivated persecution of an innocent man in the world won't change that fact.

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