Friday, July 19, 2013

The ‘New School’ on CNN - If Rachel Jeantel is the future of America, we’re completely doomed.

But also according to CNN she does speak perfect southern North Carolina, ghetto, jive Queens English with a Caribbean twist.
Becoming a teenage television star turns out to be surprisingly easy: Testify for the prosecution in the murder trial of an innocent man in a case that liberals want to turn into a carnival of racial hatred.
Rachel Jeantel’s appearance on Monday night’s Piers Morgan Live was a new low in the relentless dumbing down of American culture. Her claim to fame is that she was having a cell-phone conversation with Trayvon Martin shortly before the 17-year-old was shot to death by George Zimmerman. Having been discovered by Florida civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump and offered as “Witness 8” for the prosecution, Jeantel was undeniably the star of the Zimmerman trial — not in a good way. During the course of her testimony, she introduced the phrase “creepy-ass cracker” to the national vocabulary and embarrassed herself when she was forced to admit that she could not read a letter she allegedly wrote to Trayvon’s parents. Asked to read the letter aloud in court two weeks ago, the Miami teen confessed: “I don’t read cursive.”

Exactly what Rachel Jeantel does read is a mystery. She appears to be a typical specimen of the sub-literate youth warehoused within the Miami-Dade County school system. Anyone who has read the text-messages Trayvon exchanged with Jeantel and his other friends must despair for the future of the country. After watching Jeantel on CNN Monday, it’s even harder to be hopeful. The 19-year-old was asked by Morgan to react to a juror’s comments about the incoherence of her testimony.

“Well, the jury, they see their fact,” Jeantel replied. “None offense to the jury, they old. That’s old school people. We in the new school, our generation, my generation.”

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