Saturday, October 20, 2012

Michelle Obama's Desperate Plea For Votes

Begging for votes by the First Lady is unseemly at best.
Just 18 days from election day, the Obama campaign is beginning the final push for votes in the most critical "fire wall" swing states on their electoral map. To that end, First Lady Michelle Obama gave a rousing and impassioned speech in Racine, WI last night to a fervent and committed crowd of core supporters.
The speech, and the First Lady's delivery, was at times shrill and desperate as false straw man after false straw man was hoisted up before the devoted crowd only to be struck down by Mrs. Obama with passionate force. "Don't let anybody talk down your country!" she implored the crowd, not specifically citing any example of how her husband's opponents have done such a thing.

Instead of just focusing on the positive and personal traits of her husband, Mrs. Obama spent most of the 34 minute sermon on policy issues.
She doesn't want to give up all the taxpayer financed freebies.

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