Monday, March 28, 2011

Madison teachers given until April 15 to rescind fake doctors' notes

So, in other words, they got caught committing fraud but if they admit to the boo boo all is forgiven.
Madison teachers who missed school last month to attend protests and turned in fraudulent doctor's notes have been given until April 15 to rescind those notes, officials said Thursday.

The district received more than 1,000 notes from teachers, human resources director Bob Nadler said. A couple hundred of those were ruled fraudulent because they appeared to be written by doctors at the Capitol protests against Gov. Scott Walker's proposal to limit collective bargaining.

Teachers who don't rescind fraudulent notes could receive a disciplinary letter of suspension, the most serious form of discipline aside from termination, Nadler said. The suspension would be considered already served — the time missed during the protests.

"We didn't want to give anybody more time off," Nadler said. "They can't afford it. We can't afford to have them gone any more. I don't think kids need their teacher gone another two days."
They ought to pursue this like the IRS. Anything that looks the slightest bit hinky should be investigated. Teachers get paid over a $100.00/day, a $5.00 phone call is a good investment to either exonerate (or not) most claims.

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