Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Good grief.
Well, at least “Easter” is still included in “White House Easter Egg Roll” rather than some generic substitution like “spring.” Or maybe uh, “Earth Day.” Yes, imagine the “Earth Day Egg Roll.”

But no matter. Barreling forward, Inside the Beltway proclaims support for any effort to help children stay trim, play tag outside, read, curb their electronic media time and savor the halcyon years of their childhood without wearing push-up bras or watching R-rated movies. Really.

And the White House means well. Really. But the egg-rolling event has taken on advocacy underpinnings that threaten to swap joy and charm with branding and a certain grim intent, launched in a jelly-bean-free zone by an Easter Bunny in gym shorts. Let us remember. This is a children’s event rather than a marketing opportunity.

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